How to Get Started Externships

The founding principle of the VBMA is to advance the veterinary profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals. As one way to make this principle a reality for our members, the VBMA has partnered with Vet Partners to provide externship opportunities designed to specifically elevate student business acumen and experience. These opportunities can be utilized as either summer projects or rotations during the school year. We thank Vet Partners and their Career Development Committee for developing and maintaining this group of externships. Information on veterinary business and consultants can be found at their student website: How to get started:

1. For a general overview of what to expect, read Dr. Jim Wilson's perspective on how he envisions a great externship experience for both the student and the mentor.

2. Review the externships offered below and find something that interests you.

3. Contact the individual mentor to learn more about the externship of interest and discuss scheduling.

4. Need college credit? Check with your Student Affairs Office to see if they will accept this externship for university credit and if there are documents that they require.

5. Once all the details of the externship have been agreed upon by you and the mentor, both parties should fill out and sign the Letter of Agreement. A copy of this letter should be maintained by both you and the mentor for future reference.

6. Following the externship, we ask that you (the student) fill out the Student Evaluation of the experience. Likewise, the mentor will complete a Mentor Evaluation of your work. The evaluation forms can be shared with both parties and discussed (in person prior to leaving the externship, on the phone, via email, etc.) if desired. Externships:

Dr. Jessica Trichel, Live Oak Bank (Wilmington, NC)
Nationwide (formerly Veterinary Pet Insurance)  (Brea, CA)
Banfield Pet Hospital (Nation-wide)
Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP (Lake Quivira, KS)
Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc., (Whitehouse Station, NJ) 
Embrace Pet Insurance (Cleveland, OH)