Work/Life Balance Tools
Personal Financial Tools
Career Planning tools
Business Planning Tools

Work/Life Balance Tools

AAHA provides a variety of life balance tools for students that can be found on their life balance website. Some of these tools include:

- AAHA Life Balance Quiz
- AAHA Stress Self-Assesment
- AAHA Stress Checklist


Personal Financial Tools

There are a lot of great tools out there to help veterinary students budget and plan. Here are some of them:

VPI provides a great tool that helps veterinary students figure out how much they will be spending when they get out of school and thus how much money they need to make. Learn more about this financial simulator.

A good companion to the VPI tool is the AVMA Veterinary Salary Calculator. This helps you calculate based on your years of experience, field of interest, and location what various salaries what salary would be in say the 95 percentile. This tool is only available to people registered on the AVMA website with a valid AVMA or SCAVMA member ID.

AAHA also provides some useful business tools on their financial planning website. Some tools they provide there are:

- Net Worth Worksheet
- Personal Monthly Budget
- Loan Amoritization Schedule

Graduate Leverage offers a paid service to help professional graduates navigate their debt.

- Graduate Leverage Advisor


Career Planning Tools

AAHA's last general set of tools for students are career planning tools which they provide on their career planning website. They focus on how to define your values, create goals, and match those to potential practices. Links to these tools are listed below:

- Rate Your Values Quiz
- Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
- VetPartners Student Website

Business Planning Tools

The Small Business Administration of the US provides a lot of great tools to help determine if you are ready to start a business and once you are to help you make it a reality. Some of their resources and resources they provide links to are below:

- Are you ready to start a business?
- Online Courses in Business Management
- Online Business Plan Writer